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AAA Developers LTD is a London-based international construction company with offices in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, and Poland. AAA Developers LTD specializes in the development and construction of ecological new homes through a modern timber frame construction technique with I-joists. With this sophisticated technique, you can build every desired project, up to three floors high, in literally just a few weeks time.

Every desired project

AAA Developers has its own project developers so that every project can be realized. We can guide you from A to Z. In this way, we can advise on the choice of your project and take care of the necessary building permits on your behalf.


AAA Developers AAA developers builds through the timber frame construction technique and uses I-joists for the entire construction. Because of its form, an I-joist is way stronger than normal construction timber.

Benefits of timber frame construction

1. Not weather / season bound.
2. Requires no drying time and optimal moisture-proofing due to different insulating materials.
3. Many working hours are saved through prefabrication in-house.
4. Faster construction process.
5. Perfect insulation. You quickly reach the desired temperature.
6. With thinner walls you achieve the same insulation value as with stone / concrete construction.
7. Timber frame walls never feel cold.
8. Timber frame construction is light so you do not need heavy foundations.
9. All architectural styles are possible.
10. Contains extremely fire-resistant materials.
11. Pipes and electricity can be processed in the walls.
12. Timber frame construction has good acoustics and is ecological.
13. Timber frame construction is no more expensive, in fact, better insulation for the same price.
14. New European insulation standards are easy to achieve.

Ecological Houses

Sustainable quality has the highest priority, which is why we do not only work with materials that have passed rigorous quality tests but also all have an EU declaration of conformity. This means that all our homes, (mobile) chalets and house/houseboats comply with the new (2016) energy saving scheme of the EU.

Ingenious Living Solutions

At AAA Developers we love to create ecological, ingenious and modern living solutions. Thanks to our sophysticated moden timber frame construction, we are able to build your ecological dream (mobile) house (boat) in just a few months! All our (mobile) homes, chalets and houseboats comply with the new (2016) energy saving scheme of the EU.

Quality is a Lifestyle, not a choice! That’s our motto. There are always companies who are willing to do it cheaper, but that price advantage will have to come from somewhere. So if Quality is YOUR Lifestyle too, then we are the right partner for you.

Jurn Gijbels

Director, AAA Developers Ltd

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