AAA Developers’ Sophisticated I-Joist Technique

AAA Developers LTD specializes in the development and construction of new homes through a modern and ingenious timber frame construction technique. The so-called wooden I-beam / I-joist system is used, with which your house is only in a few weeks ready.


I-beams (or also called I-Joists) are wooden beams which consist of an OSB3 plate in the middle and a multiplex beam at the top and bottom. This creates the shape of the letter “I”. I-beams provide protection against bending in any direction, in contrast to normal beams that offer relatively little strength to perpendicular bending on their flat surface (the track portion of an I-beam). The wooden I-beam is therefore many times stronger than a normal wooden beam. In addition, less wood is used in the I-beam than with traditional wooden beams.

The Construction

For the assembly of the wooden I-beam skeleton, AAA Developers LTD uses an ingenious construction system that assembles the I-beam skeleton as a puzzle. This saves a lot of time and in principle, no crane is needed during installation on site. With a team of 3-4 people, we are able to build the skeleton in 2-3 days. This means your house, in closed raw condition, will be ready after 2-3 weeks!

Real Houses!

The houses of AAA Developers LTD are all build on a normal fundament. This means that all our houses are mortgageable!

Houseboats and Mobile Homes are built like passive houses! therefore banks will give a loan for them as well. With some banks they are also mortgageable!

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