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!!! Quality is NOT a Choice, It’s a Lifestyle !!!

We don’t only make things beautiful. We make them Ecological as well.

AAA Developers LTD is a London-based international construction company with offices in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany and Poland.
AAA Developers LTD specializes in the development and construction of new homes through a modern timber frame construction technique. Use is made of the so-called timber I-beam / I-joist system.

Our Story

AAA Developers LTD is founded by Jurn Gijbels in January 2018.

Jurn started in 2012 with the buying and selling of used mobile homes. Soon the question arose whether he could also build new mobile/holiday homes. Since Jurn has seen a lot of (holiday) homes over the years and also their good and bad points, he started to build new (mobile) chalets and holiday homes for his clients.

What we offer

Due to many years of experience and networking (especially in Holland and Germany), we are in a position to realize the planning, the application handling for the necessary permits, the construction, delivery and assembly, just from one single source, which is us, for you.
You only have to worry about the layout, the choice of colors and the interior design.

(mobile) Leisure Homes

* Winterproof

 * Triple Glazed

* In accordance with EU building guidelines 2016


* Winterproof

* Registered as a Boat

* Sailing and stationary


* Winterproof

 * In accordance with EU building guidelines 2016

* Mortgageable

* Only a few weeks construction time

Quality and Experience

The AAA Developers LTD team has years of experience in various construction sectors. From developers who specialize in various software programs such as AutoCad and Sema to designers and archirects who have been active on the European market for more than 20 years.



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