AAA Developers’ Mobile Homes, build with Passive House Technique

AAA Developers LTD specializes in the development and construction of new mobile (leisure) homes through a modern and ingenious timber frame construction technique also used for Ecological Passive Residential Houses. Thanks to the so-called wooden I-beam / I-joist system, your house/mobile home will be ready within a few weeks.

Winterproof Mobile Homes

> Ecological

> Winterproof

> Triple Glazed Windows

> Maintenance-free

> Passive House Timber Frame Construction Method

> Can be designed and constructed according to your own wishes

The Construction

> 12 mm inside wall covering plates

> 5 mm Alufox insulation foil, similar to 5 cm polystyrene foam.

> 16 CM thick Wall I-joists

> 17 CM Mineral Wool

> Windproof film

> Desired façade cladding (Wood, Siding, Isomet or Styrofoam)

The Interior

> Entirely tailored to your own wishes

> Tailor and Handmade furniture

> No mass production

> Individual design

> Every Mobile Homme is a Unique One!

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